Some me of trans* magick OR an aretalogy of some trans* experiences

  1. May this new god share in my beauty! - Antinous
  2. May this new god have great initiative! - Lucius Marius Uitalis
  3. May this new god act for the people's justice! - Diuus Imperator Hadrianus Caesar
  4. May this new god always be loyal to its deepest desires! - Sabina Sebaste Augusta Diua
  5. May this new god never be daunted by a challenge! - Diuus Imperator Traianus
  6. May this new god never waver from it's goals! - Diua Plotina
  7. May this new god not fear passionate emotions! - Ἡρῴδης ὁ Ἀττικός
  8. May this new god never forget its dignity! - Appia Anna Regilla
  9. May this god uphold all heroic virtues! - Πολυδευκιον
  10. May this god's mind be serious! - Μεμνον
  11. May this god's body be vigorous! - Achilles
  12. May this god's spirit be ever-youthful! - Regillus
  13. May this god not shun convention when it is beneficial! - Diua Domitia Paulina
  14. May this god know the simplest pleasures of touch! - Diua Marciana
  15. May this god have the love of its children! - Athenais
  16. May this god take satisfaction in its offspring! - Ελπινικη
  17. May this god know the happiness of parenting! - Diua Matidia
  18. May this god know the power of the voice! - Iulia Balbilla
  19. May this new deity never be so limited as to think that flesh has any limits, that pleasure is only in expelling or receiving, that any body is either deficient or undeserving, that eroticism is bounded by genitals and orifices, that what seems small and lacking in hardness is in any way diminished in accepting or bestowing pleasure.  And may the words to articulate such things be easily upon the lips and tongue of this new deity! - Fauorinus Arelatensium
  20. If this new god knows death, may it know resurrection. - Asar
  21. May every secret of magic be known to this new god. - Aset
  22. May this new god have insight into its ancestors. - Μινος
  23. Though this new god may know clothes not appropriate for it, may this new god never be in doubt about its gender. - Διονυσος, Ἡρακλῆς, and Ἀχιλλεύς
  24. But may this new god, likewise, never fear to wear the clothes of whatever role may be needed to accomplish its ends. - Uertumnus
  25. No matter the clothes or the roles, though, may this new god never be restrained in its actions. - Αταλαντη
  26. May this new god wax and wane, grow and recede, as it sees fit. -  Σεληνη
  27. May this new god never hesitate to give up all for it's heart's desires. -  Ελενη
  28. May this new god never be cursed nor derided by any previous god. -  Ευφοριων
  29. May this new god have both the strength of lions but also the cunning of serpents. - Θετις 
  30. May this new god be fertile in ways not limited to physical offspring. - Pomona
  31. May this new god always heed the voice from within. -  Απολλων
  32. May this new god be a breaker of boundaries, but also an establisher and defender of new limits. - Ἑρμῆς
  33. May this new god be united in itself where others only see multiplicity. - Ἑκάτη
  34. May this new god inspire desire in others. - Ἀφροδίτη
  35. May this new god dance, sing, and intoxicate with dancing and singing and intoxication! - Hethert
  36. May this new god create waves and shatter the earth! - Ποσειδῶν
  37. May this new god become expert at endings and beginnings! - Ianus
  38. May this new god be abundant in both shadows and lights! - the Διοσκουροι
  39. May this new god fructify like a father, but nurture as a mother. - Hapi
  40. May all potentialities come forth from this new god. - Νύξ
  41. May this new god be a beacon of varied hues! - Ἶρις
  42. May this new god have my mercy and compassion, and even greater than I have had. - الله
  43. May this new god have ferocity of spirit! - اللات
  44. May this new god know its rightful fate! - مناة
  45. May this new god have favorable luck! - العزى
  46. For the foundation of your body, however it may be, I offer to this new god my foreskin - may it give pleasure and protection to you which I never allowed it to give to me. - יהוה
  47. For the foundation of your body, however it may be, I offer to this new god my beard - may it be beautiful and warming and be your glory as equally as it has been my fear. -  לילית
  48. May this new god be unafraid to make the male into the female, the female into the male, the outer into the inner and the inner into the outer. - ישוע
  49. May this new god do its work without fear, no matter what others may say about the "falsity" of its gender. - Marguerite Porete
  50. Like me, may this new being never stint in becoming whatever it may wish. - Σαβάζιος
  51. May this new being be a parent to many children, fiercely but gently. - Βενδις
  52. May the sex and pleasure of that being be as raucous and regenerative as my rites. - Κοτυς
  53. May this new god possess both male and female anatomy. - Ἑρμαφρόδιτος
  54. May this new god possess both male and female wisdom. - Τειρεσίας
  55. May this new god be the mother of us all! - Κυβέλη
  56. May this new god be whole and holy, even if others only see a monster. -  Ἄγδιστις
  57. May this new god never fear changing its body as necessary! - Ἄττις
  58. May this new god create chaos where it is most needed! - ᛚᛟᚲᛁ
  59. May this new god put its body against others in love and war freely! -  Gwydion
  60. May the gods and the non-gods bless this being, and may my gifts of boldness, beauty, and derided youth be this being's own in abundance. -  Cú Chulainn
  61. May this new deity enlighten from the darkness, pouring forth all from the depths. - Neith
  62. May this new god be singular in purpose even if multiple in form - consumed with the compassionate release of all sentient beings. - अवलोकितेश्वर, 觀音, and 観音
  63.  May this god defy history, identity, and individuality to manifest however it may choose. - अर्धनारीश्वर, हरिहरौ, and बहुचरा-माता
  64. May this new god have every power of my fire. - Ἑστία
  65. May this new god have all of my wisdom. - Παλλὰς Ἀθηνᾶ
  66. Though I have not given birth to it, though I will never give birth to it, may every god and mortal know this well: I am the mother of this new god and all its offspring forever after, my blood is its blood, my mysteries its mysteries, my power its power, no matter what any may say. - Αρτεμις
  67. This new god is needed now, more than ever, and therefore necessity will also be its mother. - 
  68. May this new god, with my blessing, be able to turn every kind of shit it is given into the most pure and productive fertilizer, so that even a millionth of it makes the god's fields abundant beyond measure. - Sterculinus
  69. And Ἔρις gave the Tetrad++ Set to bear them.
  70. I will be his mother, or her mother, no matter what the case may be.  And, like myself, where some may fear this god's visage in truth, only liberation and bliss will come from seeing it. - काली
  71. May I, too, be as a father to this god, as I am this god's son and devotee.  May what cannot be accomplished through courtesy and communication be within the reach of this god's power.  And one other gift I have to give, useless among gods though many think it is: modesty.  Even thus, may this god be born, and may none not wished by this god know what may be concealed beneath. - हनुमान्
  72. And Coyotl licked the belly which bore them as he giggled.
  73. And Nebthet, Neith, 𒀭𒊍𒁯𒌓, Anat, Sobek, Anpu, Εἰλείθυια, Αρτεμις, Taweret, Heqet, Selket, Gwydion, ᛚᛟᚲᛁ, Ἥφαιστος, Ζεύς, Antinous, and Heru were present for their birth.

  1.  The me of the unwanted but invited guest: When Dianic witches put out offerings and call in the ancestors, some of them are men, masculine, trans*.


  1. The only thing I'm not sure about here: the use of the definite article in your subject line for this page.

    1. Huh. Good point. Changing.

      Also: is it appropriate to write Gwydion's name in ogham, in my efforts to write names in their birthtongues? (Also, do you know how to get a computer to type in hieroglyphs? It might just be a quirk of Arial, but it just has boxes in the hieropglyph section of their Unicode :-( )

  2. No, Gwydion's name shouldn't be in ogam--the Welsh didn't use it to write anything, only the Irish who lived in Wales used it. (Welsh orthography, while interesting, is very difficult indeed.)

    I know nothing about hieroglyphic typefaces. Tamara Siuda might be one to ask about that.

    Also: I'm still seeing a "the" in your title and the tab for this page. Of the many folks I know, I'd have thought you would be a great proponent of there being many trans* experiences...!?! ;)