Thursday, January 22, 2015

It appears that Απολλαντίνοος Μουσηγετης is pleased that I have joined PSVL's challenge and is shooting me with more of his arrows of inspiration!

I Respond to the Blind Men Who Have Seen the Indian Elephant
I tell you:
you have learned far more with fingers and palms
than would have been possible with eyes.
It is not always in broadness of vision that information breeds
and knowing that it is an elephant would have stopped you from seeing
for the elephant, big as it is and in the room as it is, is a distraction.
It is the pillar and the rope and the thick branch of a tree and the big hand fan and the huge wall and the solid pipe
who hold the wisdom -- the elephant is pointless and absurd.
For metaphor is not even how we understand Deep Reality:
it is but our Talking translation of Fetch’s image of Deep Reality.
Let your Deep Self, inscrutable foundation, deal with the elephant,
Let your Child Self, hungry door, deal with the image,
And let your Talker, busy chef, deal with the metaphor.
They will anyway.
And know that you create the world around you
and that knowing that world you create is far more valuable
than knowing that causa causans primum mobile that created the experiences which are why you created that world.
γνῶθι σεαυτόν και γνῶθι κοσμον και γνῶθι ὀτι ὁ κοσμος ἐστὶ ὁ σεαυτόν

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