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A Quick and Dirty Summation of the mup Pantheon

I was talking with my friend Kat the other day, and offered to show her my pantheon if she showed me hers. What resulted was, I think, a more useful and better little explanation of why each deity is present in mup and what their presence means than I have ever written or said, so I wanted to post it here.

One of the things I didn't include is that each deity feels like . . . well, either (a) they are some sort of representative or diplomat or gateway to their respective pantheons (Inanna to the dingirene, Tlazolteotl to the teteo, ملك طاووس to the Feri gods and the حەوت نهێنى, etc.) or (b) each has a bit of a retinue (Antinous and the Tetrad++ and others, ملك طاووس and Nimue, Inanna and Ninshubur (read from p. 49 in the link), et cetera)

The mup pantheon came together as I opened myself up to genderqueer entities, though a few just pushed their way in.

Antinous, for example, just showed up at PantheaCon 2007 (before the schism) and like Hadrianus Caesar I just had to be near him. As regards the original seed of mup (to grow a queer theylogy alongside masculine theologies and feminine thealogies), Antinous showed that he was working his angle on that (despite not being trans* himself) several years later, when he instigated the birth of the Tetrad++, a group of six non-cisgender deities I also work with, who were then birthed by means of my friend, sacerdos doctorque mustagogosque Antinoi P. Sufenas Virius Lupus. The myth of their birth is a beautifully and powerfully written and skillfully tranneled work by PSVL. It's titled All-Soul All-Body All-Love All-Power (All-Strife All-Acceptance), or PPPP(PP) for short.

अर्धनारीश्वर-with-अखिलन्देश्वरी pulls in one aspect of genderqueerness into the mup pantheon and also ties into a larger theme in the entire religion. To butcher an interpretation I have heard of गते गते पारगते पारसंगते बोधि स्वाहा: "First you transcend the duality of male and female, then you transcend the duality of duality and nonduality, then you transcend transcendence, than you are enlightened."  अखिलन्देश्वरी, Nevernotbrokengoddess, ties into a thread running through mup. With silliness being placed as mup's central altered state of consciousness and the fundamental quality from which magic springs (instead of Will), mup work can often be seen as light and shallow, but that silliness is married in a not-entirely-causal manner to a deep love and worship of he less-than-pleasant bits of this immanently-divine world.  अखिलन्देश्वरी is the one who tells us that we are most powerful in the moments of our greatest despair, pain, and brokenness

Azathoth has to do with some of the existentialism inherent in mup. The idea is that if you trace any and every causal chain back, you find it eventually loops back on itself. All things are caused by their effects. Therefore, the causa causans, the primum mobile, the center of everything, must be the Blind Idiot God, the Nuclear Chaos.

Ἔρις holds down the link between silliness and the unpleasant very strongly. Also, Mommy wouldn't let me not include her.

Ἑρμαφρόδιτος holds down the "both" element of genderqueerness, as well as surprisingly challenging a lot of unrecognized beliefs. They also, of course, have elements of their parents running through their magick.

Ἁρποκράτης/Hoor-paar-kraat is the New Aeon, the Revolution, the Crowned and Conquering Child whose formula of power (replacing that of Sacrifice, held by the Dying and Reborn King) is Play.  Both he and Antinous, of course, are pueri aeterni.

Inanna, of course, is Inanna, is sovereignty, is queen, is dignity and beauty and the Lady of Many Me. Genderqueers hold the magicks of many genders, and Inanna helps bring that in, along with a lot of third-gender/trans* magicks. She and her husband bring in the relationship between city and wild and so a lot of mup rewilding/anarcho-primitivism resides in the two of them. She's also kinky as fuck, Ninshubur's Domme and also turned on by Ereshkigal's meathook.

Inanna and the puer aeterni come together in the muppet's Black Heart of Innocence.

ملك طاووس, the Peacock Lord, is queer upon queer (two genderfluid twins acting as one, like two candles held so they have a single flame, which flame is ملك طاووس) and the height of the sacred sensual.

Pombagira, the Divine Whore, Gypsy Queen (matron of all outsiders, including trans* folk), Lady of the Seven Crossroads and of the Graveyard, is kind of an all-purpose deity in mup. if you want something, go to a trivia at midnight, play some Robert Johnson and wait for something weird to happen, which will tell you the price. Decide if you wanna pay and wait for another weird thing to happen: pay the price and make your request. Also, Maria Colomba is the one abused people turn to after they have left their situation of abuse to remember their beauty.

Tlazolteotl, "Shit Goddess", tells us that the disgusting and degrading and unpleasant is holy too. She contributes the idea of an ethics based on motion and the mup understanding of sacrifice.

Deep Reality is that which causes our experience; we can't talk meaningfully about it, but it seems to be one of the truest things I can say: "I seem to be experiencing things, and something is almost certainly causing it."

Lacuna . . . well, all I can tell you about Lacuna is what a lacuna is and that sometimes I don't say things, and those things are for Lacuna.

The saints of the name are parts of the soul, yours and not yours, one group for each name the muppet has. They live on the border of your Self and they are the agents of your magick, and they are also worthy of worship and cultus.

Finally, the Beast with Flowered Horns is the mup equivalent of salvation or nirvana or redemption or baraka -- what all this work is working towards and what we already are. The Beast is the muppet possessed by all the mup gods, standing in eir power, with the saints of eir name dancing and playing on eir skin. The Beast is the accidental, active, and mindful presence and participation in the experiencing of things. The Beast is a deity who is made up and the Beast explicitly charges us to make up our gods.

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