Tuesday, March 31, 2015

With an hour and a half to spare, my March poem for Antinous!

Or: A mup Cosmogony
Or: The Stars Look Like Flowers
Or: Spring Always Makes Me Think Of The Big Bang
Muse: of mauve Beauty (lemniscate's gluing laws),
                         its Illogical Science, sing:
                         "by Effects are their Causes Caused" says wet Nile.

during/after/before both Ananke's jaws
               played pipes (Azathoth, blind ol' thing,
               Beauty's lemniscate-gluing laws did make sleep),

mirror-dark water (empty and full of Bas)
                    rich Black silt it refused to bring:
                    by Effects are their Causes Caused.  here, hot Young

boy.  with Young eyes, Antinous, drunk, withdraws
                           from lov'd Hadrian, doffing bling.
                           Beauty (lemniscate's gluing laws) will dye mauve

toga dark.  seeing concave in river, paused,
                  body bent, and his gaze did fling --
                  by Effects are their Causes Caused -- the wan Nile

(not with sleep's tawdry hollywood lights and flaws)
                        hurled face from reflection's sling.
                        Beauty (lemniscate's gluing laws) from back aft

over aft rail pulled (almost) him down, because
            chiseled face did in ripples swing --
            by Effects are their Causes Caused, so Greek Young

mind to sleep plunged -- quick lust had made him pause,
                     love can paralyze heart with sting
                     Beauty (lemniscate's gluing laws) creates mauve

waters -- Nile (not black anymore) used its claws,
                      dragged boys hands to it, lacking rings:
                      by Effects are their Causes Caused in night's dark

(destined dark), boy in quiet and rapt applause
                         copied hottie from river did wring --
                         Beauty (lemniscate's gluing laws) did act: aft

waters Nile first role-played that ol' Santa Claus:
                  twin blue snakes from its depths did spring --
                  by Effects are their Causes Caused they made Young

World from mauve.  Apsu's named this amidst guffaws
                                Tiamat her own name did string
                                (Beauty, lemniscate's gluing laws) from dreams' sleep

(fossil sleep).  like two candles can share a gauzed
                      flame, in singular peacock's wing
                      are Effects by their Causes Caused -- each twin dark,

joined are mauve.  Queer on Queer are the coups d'etats:
                             Melek Taus is now queen and king --
                             Beauty's lemniscate-gluing laws are gods' aft

waters -- Young World this lineage's efforts Caused --
                           they did shards so pearlescent bring
                           (by Effects are their Causes Caused) to drained Nile,

broken -- Nile, when Blue God said with raucous caws
                        ceased sweet Ananke's shells to fling.
                        Beauty (lemniscate's gluing laws) to death's sleep

Called the Young Os'rantinous, god by clause
                           now -- Harpokrates, quiet, sings:
                           "by Effects are their Causes Caused, so soildark

words hear: aftward, you (while living) have made this Oz
                      by that power of truth which clings:
                      Beauty. lemniscate's gluing laws do flow mauve"

listen, you who attends to Nile's tale, so nutrient-rich dark:
the Bithynian Boy who sleeps now is sure not alone aft:
Beauty's lemniscate-gluing laws: we make everything Young --
by Effects are their Causes Caused -- we shape world from the Night's mauve.

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