Wednesday, April 29, 2015

More of Assunta Femia (A Sister Species of Crow), O.C.'s poetry!

this is for me
          for all the times
you ran to your
i been seeing things your way
a long time now.
you topped me in no time
falling as i was towards heavy bottom.
taught me that
if i didn't see things your way
i wouldn't see you at all.

this is for me
          for all the times
you would not touch me
for fear of offending
your blessed breeder boy.
self-effacing peasant that i am
i could spit
and still feel rage.

i saw him the other day
that perfectly poisonous prick,
and when i saw that ravaged face
it tore through me
an avalanche of terror
remembering how you
gave him so much that there
was nothing left for her who stood
and waited
knowing full well that they also serve
who stand and wait.

01february 1982
--sister species of crow, o.c.

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