Thursday, December 3, 2015

Horoscopy can be fun!

I'm still learning astrology.  In fact, I'm barely conversant with Hellenic astrology, confused by Vedic, and only have the barest scraps of knowledge about the tonalpohualli (the Nahua calendar of fates), so I post this here desirous and welcoming of any commentary, knowledge, or downloads my more studied readers may have . . .



Take it easy, take it slowly.  There's a feeling of return, unsurprising since I just returned home from spending Thankstaking with the family.  Family.  Family.  I long so hard to be there for my feymily, my land feymily in especial.  I have to prove myself.

Oh, look!  There's the wound that needs healing this Aesculapius moon, the painful inflammation that Mars and Pluto tell me to look at.  The Vulture tells me to take it slow, that it is better to be, to float, to be around but not acting, then to try to do something about it.  Healing, after all, requires bed rest not work, not repeating the same actions that caused the injury.  After all, the wound itself can affect the senses, can invert the reflexes, and causal relationships can get all fucked up when pain is a player.  Active disengagement seems to be the rule of the day -- monasticism apotheosed into cosmic significance for 24 hours or so.

Scavenge the dead flesh around the wound, the Vulture and the Fish say, find nutrition not only in nutrition (Panhyle exhorts me to not just maintain my body but to honor it and to pleasure it, and science tells me that doing so will actually improve my nutrition) but also in that which you are discarding, that which has come before.  Close the cycle of your own flesh and you become a superhero goddix, they tell me.

Change is possible today, alchemy even inevitable like the earthquake, a fulcrum point.  Time to be aware and pivot and lean as necessary and useful.


My natal 4th and 7th houses (which currently have Mars square Pluto across them):

4th (Domum Genitorum; House of Home and Family)
--Mercury in Cancer trine Jupiter (Scorpio in the 7th) square Saturn (Libra in the 7th) conjunct True Node (Cancer in the 4th) semi-square Chiron (Taurus in the 2nd)
--True Node in Cancer conjunct Mercury (Cancer in the 4th) square Saturn (Libra in the 7th)

7th (Domum Uxoris; House of Partnerships)
--Jupiter in 0 degrees Scorpio square Sun (Cancer in the 5th) opposing Moon (Aries in the 1st) trine Mercury (Cancer in the 4th) trine Venus (Gemini in the 3rd) semisextile Uranus (0 degrees Sagittarius in the 8th) sextile Neptune (Sagittarius in the 9th) conjunct Pluto (Libra in the 7th) sextile Midheaven (Sagittarius)
--Pluto in Libra square Sun (Cancer in the 5th) opposing Moon (Aries in the 1st) trine Venus (Gemini in the 3rd) conjunct Jupiter (0 degrees Scorpio in the 7th) conjunct Saturn (Libra in the 7th) sextile Neptune (Sagittarius in the 9th) quincunx Chiron (Taurus in the 2nd) quincunx Pisces rising sextile Midheaven (Sagittarius)
--Mars in Libra square Sun (Cancer in the 5th) opposing Moon (Aries in the 1st) trine Venus (Gemini in the 3rd) conjunct Saturn (Libra in the 7th) sextile Neptune (Sagittarius in the 9th) conjunct Pluto (Libra in the 7th) biquintile Chiron (Taurus in the 2nd) quincunx Pisces rising sextile Midheaven (Sagittarius)
--Saturn in Libra square Sun (Cancer in the 5th) opposing Moon (Aries in the 1st) square Mercury (Cancer in the 4th) trine Venus (Gemini in the 3rd) conjunct Mars (Libra in the 7th) semisquare Uranus (0 degrees Sagittarius in the 8th) conjunct Pluto (Libra in the 7th) square True Node (Cancer in the 4th)

Also, interestingly, the 4th House is Cancer's house, which is my Sun (though it's in the 5th) and the 7th is Libra's.



Something halting you when you go to tackle your projects? Something in you resistant to doing all your grown up work? Something in you feels like having a temper tantrum cause you don’t waaaaaant tooooooo?

The resistance should pass by Tuesday.

Some creative juice should start to thaw and get you moving towards your goals. Some ignition should start to rev your engines. Some of the overwhelm or exhaustion should start to fade come the end of the week.

But there is still this issue. This issue that you are working on. This issue that is working on you. Something around home. Something around family. Something around foundations. Something around feeling safe and secure. Something about knowing where to be. Something about wanting to be where you are.

This something is digging itself into your experience like a red hot fire poker. This something wants to get to the heart of a psychological issue that connects to your core. This something lays deep under the surface and can be unveiled through the help of an intimate other.

If a relationship is worth its weight it will trigger our deepest feelings and help us heal the open wounds.

Go slowly with this stuff. There is no rush to work things out, though some of the discomfort may urge you to resolve things ASAP. Instead try to respect what you are in the process of. Moving towards “solving” an issue before you understand it can cause more harm than good. And there is more to this issue than what you can see at the present moment. Be open to the unfolding of this. Be patient with the part of you that wants it resolved.

Getting to know ourselves through our trials and our successes requires that we be willing to know all sides of the self. The needy, the greedy, the difficult, the sweet, the soft, the loving and everything else that lies in between the extremes.

Pisces Rising

Giving yourself what you need in order to live out your life’s purpose is most likely the greatest gift you can give yourself. Set yourself up for success. Take the class. Write the proposal. Declare your intentions to yourself. Face your fears around succeeding. Face your fears around being inadequate. Face yourself with as much compassion as you can muster. You don’t have to get this whole living life thing right, but you’ll enjoy it more if you love yourself through it. Grant yourself permission to be in the human struggle.

Exactly how your success will unfold is out of your control.

You might be well entrenched in your work. You might be well down the road of your destiny. You might be very sure of how it should unfold. But the truth is that none of us really know to what degree our work and our lives are affecting the world. Thank gods. The pressure would be too much if we were always conscious of it. The weight of our responsibility would freak us out. The mere knowledge of our impact can be paralyzing sometimes.

Best not to get transfixed on it.

Best to just get busy in the doing of our lives. Best to remind our selves of the next, simplest action to perform. Best to do what is in front of us to the best of our ability.

Ome Ollin
2 - Ollin (movement)

13-day period
(1 -) Cozcacuauhtli (vulture)

solar year
4 - Tecpatl (flint knife)

Lord of the Night

365-day calendar
19 - Tlacaxipehualiztli (II)

Long Count:
Mayan calendar

(Correlation: Alfonso Caso - Nicholson's veintena alignment [adjust])

The significance of this day
Day Ollin (Movement) is governed by Xolotl as its provider of tonalli (Shadow Soul) life energy. This is an auspicious day for the active principle, a bad day for the passive principle. Ollin is a day of the purified heart, signifying those moments where human beings may perceive what they are becoming. A good day for transmutation, which arrives like an earthquake that leaves in its wake the ruins of rationality, order and the preconceived.

The thirteen day period (trecena) that starts with day 1-Cozcacuauhtli (Vulture) is ruled by Xolotl. This trecena signifies the wisdom and freedom of old age; it represents the path of the setting sun. While the way of the warriorpoints to the relationship between predator and prey, this sign points to to the Third Way, which is neither: these are 13 days set aside to perfect the Way of the Scavenger. While the young heart must strategize between offense and defense, the old heart float like the clouds, stooping to earth only to take what no one else wants. These are good days for disengaging; bad days for participating.

Michael Douglas was born on day 1-Cozcacuauhtli.


Overnight Wednesday/Thursday, we come to the we come to the Virgo Third Quarter Moon, which brings down powerful healing energies. In Antinous Moon Magic we call this the AESCULAPIUS MOON in honor of the Classical god of the physician's art. Meditation and rituals carried out tonight are ideal for bringing down healing energies for yourself and those you love.

Cancer Horoscope for week of December 3, 2015
Verticle Oracle cardCancer (June 21-July 22)
In September of 1715, a band of Jacobite rebels gathered for a guerrilla attack on Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. Their plan was to scale the walls with rope ladders, aided by a double agent who was disguised as a castle sentry. But the scheme failed before it began. The rope ladders turned out to be too short to serve their intended purpose. The rebels retreated in disarray. Please make sure you're not like them in the coming weeks, Cancerian. If you want to engage in a strenuous action, an innovative experiment, or a bold stroke, be meticulous in your preparations. Don't scrimp on your props, accouterments, and resources.

CANCER (June 21-July 22): This week's Mars-Pluto square across your solar 4th and 7th houses, Cancer, indicates a likelihood of continued emotional inflammation… which, though it would derive from inside you, could lead to a power-struggle or conflict that may or may not be directly related. In other words, don't be so sure you know who you're upset with, or for what reason. The inflaming individual in question might be an overly controlling influence in your life, causing you to feel impelled to fight back against their self-serving manipulation, on behalf of your own independence—or they may merely be the safest person in your world to lash out at or vilify, due to the psychological intimacy already established, rather than a legitimate target for your wrath. Please be warned, then, both the intensity of your reactions and the direction you're aiming them might not be circumstantially appropriate. Which is not to say, for the record, the feelings themselves aren't wholly worthy of your own respect (in terms of them signaling some deeper discontent with how you make the self/other tradeoff); you just won't want to rush into finger-pointing or tongue-lashing. As before, this same emotional edge can be constructively channeled into drafting plans for a professional plot-twist or game-change, this impulse to 'prove yourself' instead going toward a personal ambition.

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