Monday, February 24, 2014

Festival of Eating Onions for Bast, Πανκρατης και Πανπροσδεξια, and the Birthday of Heru son of Aset

dies Lunae
Soma vāsara

Du sham
Setting Orange

Chaos 55, 3180 YOLD
Ab-ba-e 25
Moon of Stellar Clarity 3
ante diem III Idi Februarii
Anno IVxxi æræ legis: ☉ in 6° ♓, ☾ in 3° ♑
5-Itzcuintli 1-Miquiztli 2-Tochtli
Anthesteria/Dystros 25, 1st year of the 698th Olumpiad
Parmouthi 5, 1412 years after the last Pharaoh
Mīna 25 of
Vijaya, 5123 years since Śrī Kṛṣṇa returned to his eternal abode
23 Rabīʿ ath-Thānī, year 6763 in the Yezidi calendar

Well, today had quite a few festivals on the docket! In addition to the three above, H. P. Lovecraft began "The Whisperer in Darkness" today and August Derleth was born today. Neither is terribly central to the reason for my inclusion of Lovecraftian festivals to my tonalamatl (which is my work with Azathoth), so I might try to read "The Whisperer in Darkness" before I sleep tonight, but I'm not going to stress about it.

Still, three holidays for me to celebrate!  AND I served my sir for nine blessed hours today as well.  I kind of wish I could blame the all-in-one, relatively light ritual I did to honor the festivals on the timing, but that would actually be a lie.  For whatever reason and however, I knew from this morning that I was going to celebrate all three as a birthday feast, gathering three friends or potential friends (Pankrates, Panprosdexia, and Bast) to celebrate another friend's birthday (Heru).

Having a total of $17 to my name today, this was going to be a bit of a challenge.  Luckily, my apartment had onions, honey, and a can of green beans.  I popped over to the dollar store to buy another can of green beans, two cupcakes, and a package of birthday candles.  I was ready to go.

I got home and prepared the kitchen, but didn't do any actual prep work.  I invoked the Obelisk of Antinous, because, crossroads of the gods that he is and I am through him, the Beautiful Bithynian Boy is the mutual friend introducing the gods and I.  As I described in an earlier post, I didn't read the capstone as is traditional ekklesia practice, but instead used the formula from the Sumerian semi-reconstructionist temple in which I work.

Tetrad++ Sigil

Despite my roommates playing a video game and watching Heroes in what is essentially the same room, I felt immediately the numinous Temple around me, calm and ready to work my magick.  I chopped some onions and sauteed them in butter and honey (honey for Panprosdexia and onions for Bast).  Once those were ready, I added the green beans (legumes for Pankrates).  I prayed the whole time, calling out to the three and inviting them to the birthday feast.  Several times I noted my speaking not really being mine to control and a sense of them there (it is stronger yet as I type this).

With feast cooked, I skrunkled everything off into my room and sat and ate, while typing each of the three guests' names into Google and reading/posting what came out, posting to Facebook as I did so.  I then lit a birthday candle on one of the cupcakes, read the third chapter of Liber AL uel Legis, and sang Happy Birthday to Heru, son of Aset.

I then devoked the Obelisk by performing it in the reverse order, gave the offering to what holy beasts would have it and sat down to write this post.  It was only until I started this paragraph, though, that I remembered to perform the VSLM.  I suppose the giving away of the food and the typing out of the events was part of my uotum, both of which make large amounts of sense (even dollars, if you think about it!)

Was this proper reconstructionist ritual?  Hell, no!  Was this proper ritual in any of the traditions upon which I draw?  No!  Well, okay, maybe, 'cause Discordianism, but still!  I wish it had been a bit more high church, I do, but it was all I could do to finish it before midnight, and near as I can tell right now, the gods were happy with it.  *shrug* Who knows?  I could be wrong.  They might change their minds.

But this is what I did and this is what I got.  Bed now, please!

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