Tuesday, February 25, 2014

More evidence that I need to improve my social networking skills

I think I learned why Diuus Imperator Antoninus Pius was giving me such a hard time when I was trying to read with him in honor of his adoption by Diuus Hadrianus Caesar today.

I hadn't realized that Calpulli In Xochitl In Cuicatl, the calpulli I've danced with off and on since, oh, November (maybe? linear time is weird), had been planning to dance la ceremonia de Cuauhtemoc, who was the last tlatoani of the Mexica people.  He was born on Feb. 21 and hanged by Hernando Cortes on Feb. 28 at the ripe old age of 26.

As soon as the first permiso started, I realized why it had been so difficult to bring Diuus Imperator Antoninus Pius down earlier in the day.  He wanted to stand beside Cuauhtemoc as two emperors, of mighty and numerous peoples, accorded the same and equal honors.  I should have realized!

In honor of the great tlatoani Cuauhtemoc and in deference to Diuus Imperator Antoninus Pius's wishes, I present you with the tlatoani's last speech, in his language, in the language of his descendants, and in my language (why?  Because words fucking matter, that's why):

"Totonal yomotlatih
Totonal yoixpolih
iuan zentlayohuayan
o tech kahteh
mach tikmatik manka okzepa uala
man ka okzepa kizakin
iuan yankuiotika tech tlauilikin
mach inoka ompa kah miktlan maniz
manzanueliui tozentlatikan
totechtechokan iuan tozolnepantla
tiltlatikan nochi intlen toyolkitlazohtla
ki hueyi tlatktiomati
man tikin pohpolokan teokalhuan
tokal mekahuan totlachkohuan
totelpochkahuan tokuikakalhuan
man mozelkahuakan tohumeh
iuan man tochan zakua
kin ihkuak ki xouaz toyankuiktonal
in tahtzinzin iuan in nantzintzin
man aik kikuakan kimilhuizekeh
itelpochhuan iuan matechnazkech mo
pipilhuan inoka nemizkeh
uel kenin yoko xin axkan totlalzoh anauak
in tlanekilizihuan tlapeluilliz in
tonech toltilliz uan za ye
nopampa tokenmauiliz iuan tokem
poliuiz oki zelihkeh totlachkatzintzinhuan
iuan tlen totahtzinzin auik
yolehkayo pan oki xi nachtokatech
toyelizpan axkan tehuan tikin
tekimakah in topilhuan
amo kin ilkauazkeh kin nonotzazkeh
kin mopilhuan
uelkenin yez kenin imakokiz
iuan uelkenin kiktzon chikahllauiz
iuan uelkenin kiktzon kixtikin iueyika
nehtoltiliz inin toltlazohtlalnantzin ANAHUAK

Nuestro sol se ocultó,
Nuestro sol se perdió de vista
y en completa oscuridad nos ha dejado,
pero sabemos que otra vez volverá
que otra vez saldrá
y nuevamente nos alumbrará,
pero mierntas allá esté
en la mansión del silencio,
muy prontamente nos reunamos
nos estrechemos
y en el centro de nuestro corazón
todo lo que nuestro corazón ama
y que sabemos es gran tesoro,
ocultemos nuestros recintos de la energia,
nuestras escuelas, nuestros campos de pelota,
nuestros recintos para la juventúd y
nuestras casas para el canto....
y que nuestros corazones nos encierren
hasta cuando salga NUESTRO nuevo sol.
los papacitos y las mamacitas,
que no olviden conducir a sus jovenes
y enseñarles a sus hijitos mientras vivan,
como buena ha sido hasta ahora
nuestra amada ANAHUAK.
Al amparo y proteccion de nuestros destinos
por nuestro gran respeto y buen comportamiento
que recibieron nuestros antepasados
y que nuestros papacitos muy
entusiastamente sembraron en nuestro ser,
ahora nosotros, indicaremos a nuestros hijos,
no olviden informar a sus hijos,
como buena será, como se levantará
y como bién alcanzará fuerza....
y como bien realizará su gran destino
esta nuestra amada madrecita tierra.... ANAHUAK!!!

Our Sun has gone down
Our Sun has been lost from view
and has left us
in complete darkness
But we know it will return again
that it will rise again
to light us anew
But while it is there in
the Mansion of Silence
Let's join together, let's embrace each other
and in the very center of our being hide
all that our hearts love
and we know is the Great Treasure.
Let us hide our Temples
our schools, our sacred soccer game
our youth centers
our houses of flowery song
so that only our streets remain.
Our homes will enclose us
until our New Sun rises.
Most honorable fathers
and most honorable mothers,
may you never forget to guide your young ones
teach your children, while you live
how good it has been and will be.
Until now our beloved Anahuac
sheltered and protected our destinies
that our ancestors
and our parents enthusiastically received
and seeded in our being.
Now we will instruct our children
how to be good
They will raise themselves up and gain strength
and as goodness make real their great destiny
in this, our beloved mother Anahuac."


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