Friday, May 15, 2015

A tiny quick little note about death

I am secretly desperate to know what stories y'all are going to tell of me after I die - I have but little control in the form my agency takes after my gross body dies, leaving only my subtle body, my ghost, in the stories and the magick. Once I convert to a mostly noospheric entity, once my memes have overtaken my genes, once I have died, it is the stories that are told of me that will determine what kind of entity, what sort of spirit, who I am at that point. And I won't be telling the stories, so I would love insight from others about how those stories might start -- any guesses about my developing mythos are just that: guesses.

My ethical duty then (owed, here, to myself) is to provide inspiration for stories that I would like to die into, to provide the Kether of the godform I will eventually step into, inhabit, and become. Embodied tulpa drag, you might say. Many, if not most, of my actions, and all the better ones, derive in part from this origin.

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