Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Solemn Profession

my dear sisters,

i know you will understand
when i say it's been another night
of whiskey and cigarettes.

it was the taking of my perpetual vows.
i never realized (of course) that was what
i was doing.
i did something only a strong
one of us would do.
i talked back.
i got beat into submission.
i still talked back.
i got beat again.  this time much worse.
i still spoke back.  i still got beaten.
you and i wondered how long
this abuse could go on.
until sister sword of righteousness
took her religious name
and her immaculate white veil,
until she was able to bring to climax
the major contradiction.
oh!  what a passion of silence.
the wonder of freedome.

my dear sisters,

the perpetual vows
this monastic enclosure
this sacred life.

i promise perpetually and eternally
to fight for the poor
to love chastely
and to obey devotedly
these holy
these perpetual vows.

-sister species of crow, o.c.

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