Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Magick and the Elements

Fuck Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Spirit. I have Atmos, Hydros, Lithos, Bios, Magnetos, Pledon, and Nous. And they all make up the Oikos.

What that means: I strive for a deeply ecological understanding of the subtle, weird things, one which radically asserts and centers the idea that the noosphere (the realm of consciousness, thought, culture, religion, of MEMES) is just as much of a part of the ecosystem as the atmosphere or hydrosphere or lithosphere. And that, as such, it exerts influence on those other portions of the ecosystem without the mediation of human action (that is: it's not just that the noosphere changes what we do; we are often not involved at all!) AND that beings which are p composed of memes rather than genes (ghosts, gods, spirits, et cetera) have Will and agency beyond their interactions and relationships with humans. What do we call it when (most) birds actively interact with the atmosphere? Flying. When fish actively interact with the hydrosphere? Swimming. When humans actively interact with the noosphere? Poetry -- I mean, magick. Sorry, I make that mistake all the goddamn time upset emoticon

Magick is real, and it is all around you, and you are it, and it is the most natural and common thing there is. When was the last time you talked to a story?

Live poetically.

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