Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Politics (which are the same thing as religion, really)

I like to describe myself as an *ahem* cyborg eco-femina-anarcho-syndicalist primitivist (whew!) As a nonbinary genderqueer who is both neurowild and neuroqueer (and who neuroqueers regularly), I enjoy a status as something that Capitalism doesn't want, which gives me certain vantage points and perspectives cisgender, binary, neurodomesticated, and neurotypical people might not experience. As a white person, I also enjoy many of the benefits of being at the top of Capitalism's hierarchy, which means that I have the responsibility to ruthlessly examine myself and my actions to see where and how I am perpetuating oppression.

Axiom #1: Any anarchism that doesn't start with the understanding that we are all in this together is an invalid anarchism.
Axiom #2: When humankind began developing cities, we created a division between ourselves and the world, a fissure-wound composed of our alienation from the world. This alienation inevitably led to the development of a subject-object consciousness concerning our relationship with the world.
Axiom #3: Capitalism is the current epitome and apex of that subject-object consciousness. The ownership of the means of production by anyone other than the producer themselves is an inevitable seed of the alienation of labor. Whatever the core concept from which both labor and play derive is, it is a fundamental part of our being ~~ and might be magick.
Axiom #4: In order to achieve this alienation of labor and to primitively accumulate the resources and goods to privatize (a concept it itself developed), Capitalism cast a fearful curse of disenchantment on the people and the world. Re-enchanting the world is the first and most important strike against Capitalism, and re-enchanting the world begins with re-enchanting yourself.
Axiom #5: The worst kind of alienation of labor is alienation of _cultural_ labor. We must take back the means of cultural production; they are the frontlines against Capitalism.
Axiom #6: Rewilding and the apocalyptic abnegation of cities stem from a remarkably civilized point of view that asks "What is the right/best way?" not "What is our way?" Instead of walking away from the cities, my way would be to find wild ways to inhabit urban spaces. Feralize, not rewild. The Situationists, the Amish, and the homeless are the Holy Trinity of my cyborg primitivism

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