Sunday, March 2, 2014

Birth of Πανψυχη, Πανὑλη, and Πανερος, and Πανὑλη's monthly festa

I just completed my ritual for the first half of the Tetrad++, with an extra dose of Πανὑλη because it is his day of the month.  I used Michael Sebastian Lux's Mystery Feast of the Tetrad ritual, omitting Πανκρατης because, in that cycle, sie has not yet been born.  I will do it again with all four of the "first generation", so to speak, of the Tetrad++ on the 17th when sie is born.

The ritual is actually quite wonderful, perfectly simple, even unassuming, but with subtle nooks and crannies of surprising depth.  It was really a wonderful experience, though without much to it other than what I've written here.

Well, I guess I should mention the quick e-mail visit I made in the middle of the ritual.  I was responding to an urge that struck me as I was transitioning from the eating with the gods portion of MSL's ritual to my ritual reading of Book II of All-Soul All-Body All-Love All-Power (All-Strife All-Acceptance) for Πανὑλη's monthly festa but I didn't actually enact it until after I finished that reading.  Something told me -- and my Jesuit-honed powers of discernment couldn't rightly tell you what/who -- to e-mail PSVL and honor em for achieving so much in a living situation analogous to those which have proved to be sucking bogs and motivation drains for me.  I am, truly, honored to be in a world and a culture in which e exists and unbelievably so to actually be able to call em my friend.

I am finding myself ever-more aching for a temple space.  My friend Esa is trying to work something out with the house where he used to live, and it has a massive back yard.  I'm hoping that I can create a workable temple space there, where I can set up a proper set of altars and do rituals such as this one properly.  Maybe even a little village of shed-temples.

I also think i heard the Tetrad++ asking me for more devotional writing and the like for them.  I think they want an expansion of their mythos and will be exploring that to find out if I'm write and that's what they actually want.

My e-mail visit also happened to coincide with Sannion getting back to me with an oracular message I had requested.from Διονυσος.  Here's what the God Who Comes said to me.  I present it here for communal gawking, interpretation, and general thoughts. What do ya'll think?

"5-3-6: flee the swarming wisdom
1-3-1: People are strange when you’re a stranger.
6-2-3: Not to suggest that material operations are ever abandoned.
4-5-1: Cinema has evolved in two paths.

You're letting other people's opinions control your decisions and thus the course of your life. It's causing you significant, unexpected problems. The way to fix this is by engaging in ecstasis and immersing yourself in spiritual practices. You also need to make some serious physical changes and set a course for yourself; be decisive and forceful and you'll get what you want and be a hell of a lot happier."

Any thoughts?

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