Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Isidis Nauigium and the monthly festa of Πανερις

Just finished doing a quick'n'simple ritual for the Isidis Nauigium and the monthly festa of Πανερις with my friend Amber.  Invoked the Obelisk of Antinous (we were much less clumsy the second time!), called on the three way-openers and then Amber read Book V of All-Soul All-Body- All-Love All-Power (All-Strife All-Acceptance) and then Apuleius's description of the Isidis Nauigium from Asinus Aureus.  I couldn't get a parade together, and the festa is two days long, so I figure I'll offer some milk to the success of the ships tomorrow.

I think I may have scheduled my first somewhat more intense holiday separation.  I was talking with my friend Seabhac and suggested getting a group together on the festa of the Tetrad++ as a whole on the 30th and see if we can't bring all 6 down with us.  My friend Amber is in, my sir might be in; we just need two more.  Anyone interested?

Huh, I guess this one's just a quick note :-)

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