Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sacred Questions

dies Solis
Ravi vāsara
Yak sham

Chaos 61, 3180 YOLD
Ud Duru 2
Dog Moon 2
ante diem XIII Kalendae Martii MMDCCLXVII ab urbe condita

Anno IVxxi æræ legis: ☉ in 12° ♓, ☾ in 2° ♈
Mahtlactlionce-Cozcacuauhtli Ce-Miquiztli Ome-Tochtli
Elaphebolion/Xanthikos 1 in the 1st year of the 698th Olumpiad
Parmouthi 11, 1412 years after the Pharaoh
Meṣa 2 of
Vijaya, 5123 years since Śrī Kṛṣṇa returned to his eternal abode
29 Rabīʿ ath-Thānī, year 6763 in the Yezidi calendar

Voltaire, one of my favorite Enlightnemnt authors, said: "Judge a man not by his answers, but by his questions." (And Willem Larsen of the College of Mythic Cartography has a lot to say about questions, too). To this end, I have cultivated a garden of favorite questions that I love to ask people (please, answer them if you will!):

What is the most honorable thing you've done this week?
What is the most beautiful thing you get to see everyday?
What is the most intimate thing you've experienced this week, "experienced" to be interpreted as broadly as possible?
What is your noblest fetish?
How does the world begin?
SUPA-SEEKRIT NUMBA SIX: Do you have any favorite questions?

And, looking at them like that, in text, I can't help but notice that almost all of them are What questions. I feel a little awkward about that, considering my preference for verbal rather than nominal language (E-Primitive being a big thing for me).

Nonetheless, it appears that T. Thorn Coyle has something of a similar practice, as can be seen in her latest blog post, the first to be tagged "Sacred Questions". Here's her list (and if you wanna answer those too, please!):

What reminds you of the sacredness of things?
What humbles you?
What lifts you up?

What causes prayer to rise up from your heart?
When do you speak the words of thanks and honor?
To whom do you speak them?

What tugs at your heart and whispers in your ear?
Where is your North, South, East, and West?

What expands above your head and supports your feet?

What is your intention for today?

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  1. the sin of Zorba
    Zebulon’s apex
    dream death (not mine)
    keeping silence
    the blank page

    I don’t have any questions that match those for quality, but in the spirit of dialogue, I’ll try to come up with something…

    If you invented a new color, what would it look like?