Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Monthly festa of Πανκρατης

dies Mercurii
Budha vāsara
Chwar Sham

Chaos 64, 3180 YOLD
Ud Duru 5
Dog Moon 5
ante diem X Kalendae Martii MMDCCLXVII ab urbe condita

Anno IVxxi æræ legis: ☉ in 15° ♓, ☾ in 13° ♉
Ce-Quiahuitl Ce-Quiahuitl Ome-Tochtli
Elaphebolion/Xanthikos 4 in the 1st year of the 698th Olumpiad
Parmouthi 14, 1412 years after the last Pharaoh
Meṣa 5 of Vijaya, 5123 years since Śrī Kṛṣṇa returned to his eternal abode
3 Jumādā al-Ūlā, year 6763 in the Yezidi calendar

Danza yesterday was a little intense, but good.  Ceremonia always shows me just eactly how well or poorly I've been taking care of myself in the past couple of days.  Who would have guessed that my devotion to a shit-goddess (Tlazolteotl) would spur me to taking better care of my health.  Only people who have actual knowledge about health, I suppose :-)  I did have a strong moment near the end of the ceremonia concerning my sir.  I want to write it up as a long letter to him, as it is framed in my head as further submitting my will to his, but it was a very strong moment bringing together three recent experiences (finally getting the manicure he'd ordered me to before Pantheacon, writing a letter to him about why I am not to be "subservient" to him, and my ongoing worry that I'm going to scare him away with my emotions and clumsiness), weaving them into the realization that I want to be acceptably pretty and healthy for him.  I want the nice manicure and the coiffeured hair and the good outfits and the like, because I know it will please him, and so I want to give him control over such things.

But this isn't a submission blog (though I am considering making one for my particular blend of things and way of looking at things and have already grabbed the URL for it from Blogger:, it's a religious blog.  Danza was great, following the oracle I received from Διονυσος via my friend Σαννιον, which instructed me to engage in ἔκστασις to stop worrying about other opinions so much.  It took a long time to get out of my head, with plenty of distractions being thrown my way via Talking Self, but I did eventually manage to get exhausted enough that I stopped thinking.  Or, rather, thinking changed its nature to become a secondary thing, almost a thing I dissociated from, and an automatic function.  Thought was a thing that happened to me rather than a thing I did.  It was a very enjoyable, body-primary altered state of consciousness that I have never before experienced.  My Xochipilli statue certainly enjoyed being around so much hard dancing; he was verily vibrating in my hands as I picked him up off the altar.

When I got home afterwards, I was bone-tired, so (after a little recovery time), I simply invoked the Obelisk, with Capstone, called in the three way-openers, and shared a cookie and a cup of milk with Πανκρατης while reading Book IV of All-Soul All-Body All-Love All-Power (All-Strife All-Acceptance).  Book IV is thankfully short, as I was after all exhausted.  I'm rather fond of it, too, as it consists of Mommy Ἔρις's grandparentage of the Tetrad++; she is one of four of the mup gods to have contributed (an additional one was allowed to witness the birth -- Heru, though not necessarily Heru-pa-khered), but unlike अर्धनारीश्वर, Ἑρμαφρόδιτος, and even Antinous,she gets her own book.

Today is a big day for festivals. I have the Isidis Nauigium, the monthly festa of Πανερις, the ἑορτή Τρεισκουρων και Τροφιμων, and the Thelemic Lesser Feast of 老子. My plans for the ἑορτή Τρεισκουρων και Τροφιμων and the Lesser Feast of 老子 consist of ritual study, reading A Serpent Path Primer and the 道德經.  My friend Amber (hopefully) will be joining me to read Book V of All-Soul All-Body All-Love All-Power (All-Strife All-Acceptance) and the Isidis Nauigium . . . well, I'm still not quite sure >.<

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