Sunday, September 6, 2015

A Quick Note About the Book I'm Reading

This Pete Sigal guy is getting a little too Freudian in his description of the New Fire Ceremony/the Bundling of Our Years. I've been enjoying some of his insights into Tlazolteotl and trash-and-dust and the gender of the gods, but I'm finding Miguel Leon-Portilla's interpretations of sacrifice much more compelling (and even believable).
Although I will say, I'm finding myself fascinated by the resonances of Sigal's perspectives with some of the thematics of Western movies (and maybe even a chunk of noir movies, too) -- the gun is the only thing that can protect civilization from barbarians (interpreted both racistically as Indians, yes, but particularly as bandits and criminals and thugs) but anyone wielding the gun is himself [sic] barbaric. This is very similar to Sigal's claims about how the Nahua view/ed fertility, trash-and-dust, excess, fire, gender, et cetera.

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