Thursday, September 3, 2015


Remember Palmyra. Remember almost 1900 years of history, now gone -- Bel's temple has been destroyed now, too. Remember Ba'al Shemim and Bel, two great gods perhaps now homeless. Give them a home. Resist Daesh's unIslamic attempts to wipe our collective polytheistic pasts from the world. Resist the Sixth Great Extinction's extension into the noosphere -- I don't know how I can save the animals, but praise and honoring and worship and storytelling and prayer and altars and shrines and memory (simple memory! Mnemosyne's small, important gift!) might save the gods.

Tess Dawson said that [n]o matter how powerless we feel at seeing this rampant horrific destruction and violation, we have the two powers that matter most: Memory and Devotion. We should use them well. These are the two ways we can feed the gods -- who have existence and agency well removed from anything we humans might do, thank you very much! But they are still creatures of the noosphere. Their substance is stories and relationships and rituals and songs and poems and dance and all that memetic stuff (they are independent beings like us, only they have memes where we have genes, you see) -- and the gods need them very very much right now. Please feed them, I beg of you. Just as animals are independent sovereign beings nonetheless being killed in vast numbers by us humans, so it is true of the gods, for the noosphere is as much part of the ecosystem as the biosphere, the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, the lithosphere, the magnetosphere . . .

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Ba'al Zebub, may you join with Bel Marduk (who, it is to be hoped, shall confuse Daesh for the primordial dragon Tiamat and utterly kill them in the same way) and with Ba'al Shemin and with al-Lat and with all the others in these vengeance efforts.  may all they do be made dust, and may it happen soon.

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