Monday, September 21, 2015

Quotes from _The Flower and the Scorpion_ #11

"In the Nahua universe, tlazolli always interfered with daily productivity. A commoner could never engage in his or her standard pursuits without regularly coming into contact with tlazolli. The commoner man, by farming the earth, contacted the tlazolli on a regular basis: the earth itself, the fertilizer used in conjunction with the planting, the dirt left on the harvested maize. The commoner woman, when in the household, came into contact with the tlazolli in her daily ritual of sweeping but also in her maintenance of the hearth, when she cleaned the dirt off the wood, and in her cooking activities. And all people, commoners and nobles, came into contact with excrement."

If the Catholics who taught me for seventeen years were right that God [sic] is omnipresent, than what conclusion must I draw from my own particular observations (and then backed up by this quotation) then that God is tlazolli, God is trash, God is shit?  Tlazocamati, Tlazolteotl!

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