Sunday, September 13, 2015

Quotes from The Flower and the Scorpion #4

"Simply put, Nahuas did not believe that sexual activity, or any other activity based on human choice, could place them in spiritual danger. Rather, the only things that could influence one's position in relation to the gods were carefully honed skills and particular types of luck."

Rotwork might be particularly interested in this quotation, as they have been delving into an antihumanist perspective of late, thanks to their own reading (Straw Dogs, by ???).

I see this differently, though, not anti-humanist but a "new" humanism.  It is not our activities or our choices or our morality that might influence our position with the gods or the afterlife or whatnot -- and in fact it accepts the anti-humanist positioning of luck and fate! -- but our skills might be what our place in the cosmos is based upon.  It also, obvi, resonates with the classical Greek concept of arete and, possibly, Diuus Imperator Hadrianus's devoted worship of Disciplina.

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