Sunday, October 11, 2015

Quotes from _Magic From Brazil_ #1

"Seven commandments of the Law of Umbanda must be memorized by all devotees.  Translated, they are:
1.  Do not do to your neighbor what you would not wish him or her to do to you.
2.  Do not covet what is not yours.
3.  Help the needy without asking questions.
4.  Respect all religions because they come from God.
5.  Do not criticize what you do not understand.
6.  Fulfill your mission even if it means personal sacrifice.
7.  Defend yourself from evil doers and resist evil.
Besides the seven commandments for mediums, filhos-de-santos (cult followers) must attend all ceremonies.  They are obliged to stretch out before their superiors with heads touching the floor in a gesture of obeisance meant to teach humility (known as bater cabeca, "beating the head").  They are bound to help the leaders and their assistants; and they must always wear clean, correct clothing.
Mediums are required to behave in a dignified manner, not eat heavy meals, not consume meat from Thursday night through Friday, have faith in their spirit guides and terrestrial superiors, not share their knowledge or frequent other centros, and never perform a service for anyone outside their own place of worship."

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