Sunday, October 18, 2015

Quotes from _Magic from Brazil_ #7

"The story goes that Iansa was a bright, intelligent, impetuous girl eager to know everything about the world.  Because of her fervently sexual nature she chose to serve an apprenticeship (so to speak) by seducing all the male Orixas, and convincing them that in return for her favors, they should teach her their secrets.  From Oxossi she learned to hunt, and from his son, Logun-Ode, to fish.  Ogum taught her to wield a sword, and Oxaguia showed her how to use a shield for protection.  Obaluaie initiated her into the mysteries of the spirits of the dead.  Even Exu let her in on the enigmas of fire and enchantment.  When she set her cap for Xango, however, she got more than she bargained for.  Although he revealed to her the magic of thunder and lightning, she fell for him madly and irrevocably, and felt the burning passion and heartache of love.  From their union were born the Ibeji twins."

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