Monday, October 19, 2015

Quotes from _Magic from Brazil_ #8

"Iemanja bore three sons:  Ogum, Oxossi, and Exu.  All her children left home -- Ogum to conquer the world, Oxossi to pursue a meditative life in the forest, and Exu to see what the world had to offer.  Only Exu returned.  At first, his mother was delighted to see him.  As they talked, he became agitated and finally blurted out that he had searched the planet in vain to find a woman to equal her perfection, and that because of his failure to discover one he new he was destoned to possess her and her alone.  Then he grabbed his mother and tried to violate her.  In the struggle, Exu ripped open her breasts.  When he saw what he had done, he recoiled in horror and shame, and fled, banished from the kingdom of heaven, never to return.  From the copious tears Iemanja shed the oceans were formed, and from her torn breasts were born all the other gods."

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